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Artificial Turf for Gyms

Having a turf area in your gym is great for maximizing any workout. Whether you’re looking to flip tires, pull sleds, or work on agility in off season, an artificial turf area in your gym will enable you to train to the fullest. 

As a gym or fitness facility owners, this can also be a unique way for you to stand out from competitors and to attract new clients. 

Using a light turf for athletic spaces creates longevity for your space. Because of its durability, it won’t be negatively affected by cleats or equipment. It provides a light cushion and minimal drag to make your training comfortable and versatile! Joey (founder of Top Turf) loves it for his at-home workouts in his backyard!

Turf for gym area in Okanagan BC - Top Turf

Artificial Gym Turf Benefits

Artifical turf requires no watering, no tools for maintenance, no chemical products to upkeep it, and no need for hiring landscapers, meaning you save money every day. This also helps reduce your water usage. This means your sports area stays fresh all year long!

With an artificial turf area in your fitness facility, you allow guests to try new workouts or to simulate sports training as closely as possible. 

Whether it’s inside or outside, these artificial turf areas are designed to hold up under the toughest conditions and remain vibrant and new without compromising sporting equipment. 

Complimentary Features

A beautiful artificial lawn in the front yard with nice flowers and shrubs surrounding it

Mulch & Rock Beds

Complete your yards aesthetic look with a rock or mulch bed. We offer a variety of bed designs that help create the unique design you're after.


If you have a new yard and would like to add a fence for privacy, or to keep children and pets safe, we work with a team of contractors who can get the job done! Just ask about our fencing services.

Gazebos & Pergolas

A beautiful way to create a tranquil space in your yard to host family & friends. Our team of contractors can design custom pergolas and gazebos ranging from vintage to modern.

Our process for installing Artificial Turf

Yard Clearing & Preperation

We will tackle necessary preparation of the area for the synthetic turf installation. Including light vegetation removal, hardscape removal, fence disassembly and removal, grading and levelling, and any other cleanup!

Weed Prevention

Our team then install a weed guard system to prevent unwanted vegetation from sprouting through your lawn.

Installation of Artificial Grass

Lastly, we custom cut your artificial turf to size and lay it down on the desired areas. We secure the product properly and ensure the product is clear from any defects.

Client Review

Once we are done, we complete a walk through with you to ensure you're happy with your new lawn!

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