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Artificial Turf For Pets

We love pets! (If you couldn’t tell by our logo already). We know each pet has their unique needs, which is why we design each pet area to match the owner and pets requirements. When designing an artificial turf area for pets, we consider the following: 

Artificial turf makes cleaning up after pets easy. Artificial turf can easily be pressure washed, and the antimicrobial fill used for those with pets will eliminate odours, keeping things fresh for you and the family!

Artificial Pet Area Benefit's

Your beautiful lawn will be safe from brown spots and you no longer need to worry about how your yard looks!

Treating a lawn with fertilizers and chemicals can irritate your animals paws. With artificial turf, you no longer need to worry about if a chemical will be harmful to your animal playing on it. 

We know that playtime can get pretty crazy! And your lawn shouldn’t be the reason your pet can’t burn around the yard and get their energy out. It’s durability allows you and your pet to enjoy playtime to the fullest. 

Dirty paws are the worse! After a rainy day or melted snow, you don’t need to worry about muddy paws tracking back inside. 

Picking up poop is now easier and you can easily wash away any residue to avoid smells and mess with just a hose. 

Our process for installing Artificial Turf

Yard Clearing & Preperation

We will tackle necessary preparation of the area for the synthetic turf installation. Including light vegetation removal, hardscape removal, fence disassembly and removal, grading and levelling, and any other cleanup!

Weed Prevention

Our team then install a weed guard system to prevent unwanted vegetation from sprouting through your lawn.

Installation of Artificial Grass

Lastly, we custom cut your artificial turf to size and lay it down on the desired areas. We secure the product properly and ensure the product is clear from any defects.

Client Review

Once we are done, we complete a walk through with you to ensure you're happy with your new lawn!

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